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Learn Italian with Italian teachers giugno 23, 2008

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Ciao, I know, it can be difficult and frustrating to learn Italian as foreign language. But, if you really love to learn Italian, you have to know the main thing: you need a teacher with “know how” and experience.

I teach pro bono on line, but unfortunatley I know that on line lessons are no substitute for someone to talk and listen to you, because you need to speak with a native speaker in a natural way.

You will learn better in a very small group or with private lessons (individual lessons are extremely convenient because you can book your lessons and organize your other engagements).

I teach in an Italian language school in Rome (Ciao Italia) that specialises in small groups and one-to-one lessons. I teach the lessons in Italian and I usually joke with my students, therefore the lessons are not frustrating, but funny. I use the language to communicate with my students and vice versa, this forces the students to be resourceful to understand what I tell them. The courses are taylored to fit the student’s needs and we talk about things students are interested in. The purpose is to communicate, not just to do an academic exercise.

Do not miss out this opportunity, but avoid the large groups and go for very small groups or one-to-one lessons. An experienced teacher will get you speaking Italian. It works for sure!

See you soon.



1. Kok - giugno 25, 2008

Hi Monica,
I didn’t know there’s a school called Ciao Italia! I only know the restaurant in Perth with the name of Ciao Italia. 😛 Nice to know you here. 🙂

2. Arief - luglio 19, 2008

Hey, what do you think about italia?????

3. Monica - luglio 21, 2008

I think Italy is amazing = Penso che l’Italia sia sorprendente, incredibile 😉


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