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Italian language school in Rome and cultural activities settembre 6, 2010

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Ciao Italia, Italian language school in Rome, organizes, assists and encourages its students to do many socio-cultural activities in their spare time. For further information ask the secretary’s office.

Italienisch-Sprachschule in Italien
Die Sprachschule Ciao Italia organisiert und ermöglicht eine Vielfalt an kulturellen und sozialen Freizeitbeschäftigungen und verhilft dadurch zu einem netten und beeindruckenden Aufenthalt in Rom.

Hi!  I’m Monica, an Italian language teacher, and I have been teaching here at “Ciao Italia”  for many years now.  Today I’ll speak to you about my favorite part of Rome.
I’m not a Roman, but I grew in Rome, so I know it quite well. When I was attending the University, during my days off I used to wander through the “Rione Sant’Angelo”: one of my favorite part of Rome.  As you probably know, the area inside the walls was divided into districts called “Regio” before and “Rioni” after.
“Rione Sant’Angelo” was (and is) the smallest Rione in terms of size, but it was packed and extremely full of inhabitants because of the Pope’s decision that (perhaps in 1550) forced the Jews of Rome to live in a segregated area: the Rione Sant’ Angelo. In this district you can see Teatro di Marcello and Portico d’Ottavia; Tor Margana and Via delle Botteghe Oscure, where I used to go to study (Palazzo Caetani is a famous library), and Piazza Mattei,

Fontana delle tartarughe

where the small but gorgeous “Fontana delle Tartarughe” is situated.

This is one of many fountains designed by Giacomo della Porta, but actually the turtles are attributed to Bernini.

The majority of the monuments of the neighborhood belong to the 16th or first 17th century because –unfortunately – after having changed the medieval area between the Capitol hill and the Tiber , the only medieval building spared was the “Monastero di Tor de’ Specchi”.

A sense of history pervades this charming district, but this area is never dull.  Actually, this tiny jewel is full of people dashing around till late at night.  It has been a lively Rione for long time and over the last few years, although people flock from everywhere around the world, it’s not shabby anymore as it was when I was attending the University.
If only I could have more free time. I’d love to wander around this absolutely wonderful area, but I think you could do that 😉


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