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Tips for visiting Rome, Italy agosto 24, 2013

Posted by Ciao Italia in Italian.
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Hi, how are you all?

Are you in Rome at Ciao Italia to learn Italian? Well done! 😉

As you know Ciao Italia is one of the best place to improve your language skills. Here you can learn Italian language and discover one of the most beautiful place in the world 🙂
Moreover Ciao Italia offers you a matchless opportunity to explore Rome and a range of cultures and viewpoints while learning Italian (the classes are composed of a maximum of 12 students of different nationalities who have a similar language level).

I like Rome and these are my personal tips for visiting Rome during the summer:

  • Have a good language class! Most schools sound much the same, the types of courses and activities are similar:  the objective of courses is to communicate in Italian in the shortest time possible. Look for a school with a friendly and relaxing atmosphere because it encourages quick and easy learning of the language. At Ciao Italia, thanks to the teachers’ professionalism and  enthusiasm, learning Italian will not only be rewarding but also fun
  • Walk!  The best way to see the city is to stroll. Live in Rome is all about your state of mind: keep your eyes open for the little things, the colors, the lights, people
  • Have a  “aperitivo”!  What is this?  Is the Italian tradition of an after-work drink with snacks (sometimes with a free buffet ) designed to help you relax after a busy day.  (look at this)
  • Go down along the Tiber, there is a summer festival which includes restaurants, bars,  stores, games, and sometimes music and movies
  • Remember: Italian food is not just pasta and pizza!


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