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Learn Italian language maggio 2, 2014

Posted by Ciao Italia in our school.
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The questions related to the existence of languages easy to learn and others more difficult or if there are talented students or less talented ones are often the hub of debates among foreign languages learners. Fine. At the Italian for foreigners Language school “Ciao Italia” there is no distinction between “easy languages” and difficult ones linked to the native language of the learner. To the students who share the above stated principles I would give 2advices:
First: There are still some teachers, and fortunately they are fewer and fewer, who have not the ability to understand that the difficulties linked to the process of learning of a language are not caused by the language but by the few experience of the teacher who is teaching. Sooner or later this kind of teacher will increase the problems of the language that you study and could confuse your ideas.
At Ciao Italia, after having all together approved the above mentioned mission, since the birth of our school of Italian for foreigners we have dedicated our time, day by day, to understand the difficult aspects of the italian language related to the moment that it is taught to students coming from different countries. “Difficult” because they have to be taught with more attention. Not because the language is difficult in itself: we definitely don’t believe in that.
Second: Do not be afraid by those teachers that consider your native language the cause of your difficulties in learning language. Thus can only cause damages.
At “Ciao Italia” we have always been updated about the difficulties of students in the process of language learning linked to their linguistic origins. Of course, a teacher cannot know all the first languages of its student but he knows the problems that they have in learning languages: it is necessary to keep eyes and ears open and to exchange his /her own opinions with the colleagues. Still nowadays, after many years, we reflect continuously with new colleagues on this issue so that it becomes automatic to find the stimulus and the right answers to give students upon their own origin. Only in this way teaching become one of the most beautiful job in the hearth because it is built on the hearing of learners needs. A unique chance to destroy prejudices.


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